Discover how the University of Guelph-Humber (UofGH) community is here to support you through this workshop-based guide.

You'll earn a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) experience for each workshop you complete.

General Information

Starting university can be the most exciting experience of your life, but it can also be the one of the most overwhelming. This section will help you quickly and easily navigate UofGH resources to ensure that you make the most of your experience. 

Get Ready for Classes

 We want you to succeed in your studies and we're willing to bet that you want the same. Start off strong with knowing what to expect in the virtual classroom and study tips for learning from home. We'll also tackle the concept of academic integrity to keep you on the right side of misconduct. (Meaning no misconduct. That's the right side.)

Get to Know Your UofGH Community

As you enter the university environment, you be'll faced with many new challenges and opportunities. Some of them will excite you; others may be intimidating. Through each moment, these departments at UofGH are here to support you. 

Academic Success

As a student, it's important to learn to recognize your academic strengths and challenges. How do you learn best, and how do you seek help?

Develop your skills as you discover your path to academic success. Here are the academic support resources to best support you as you advance in your role as a critical thinker and life-long learner. 

Student Wellness

UofGH is invested in your wellness and is committed to listen, learn, advocate, and make sustainable changes to promote your health and wellness as you transition to university in a virtual environment. 

This workshop will help you maintain balance in your life. 

Get Involved

Become an active member of the UofGH community and discover how your campus engagement can shape your future.

Getting involved in the many co-curricular opportunities we offer will contribute to your personal growth and experience as a UofGH student.

Across the Bridge

Everyone's journey to success looks different because it is different. Our partners across the bridge at Humber College offer additional tools, resources, and opportunities to help you grow and succeed.