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Career Services

... learn how to market yourself and get noticed

Career & Placement Services provides personalized and relevant career advice to our students and alumni. Whether you're looking for a job, developing networking skills, researching and preparing graduate school applications, or defining your career goals, we can help.

Cover Letters

Male in front of computer reading letterCover Letters

Learn when and why you need to write a cover letter and how it could make the difference in having your resume read in detail. Topics include who to address the cover letter to, format, what to write about, common errors and useful tips. 


Male at office desk in front of windowResumes

Learn the tips and tricks to ensure your resume is put in the "yes" pile and you land an interview. Topics include format, professional profile, accomplishment statements, and style. 


Male in front of computer reading letterInterviewing

Interviewing can be nerve wracking. This workshops breaks down the secrets to the hire, how to prepare, what to do while you are waiting for your interview, how to answer questions effectively and what to do after your interview.

Job Search

Girl waiting for subwayJob Search
When on the hunt for employment, there are certain rules you must follow to be seen as a professional and polite candidate. This workshop will help you with the rules of etiquette in email, voicemail and more.



Take your job search up a level and learn various networking strategies to grow your connections and help you get ahead of the competition.

Graduate School & Professional Programs

Temp placeholderGraduate Schools & Professional Programs

This workshop provides you with information on graduate school and professional programs including application processes, deadlines, schools and how to best prepare.

Career Opportunities Based On Program

Girl Blazer SmileCareer Opportunities Based on Program of Study

Learn about various career opportunities based on the different programs of study at University of Guelph-Humber.